Our staff is dedicated to this community and to making it a better place. With extensive knowledge of the region’s changing needs, we work together to assist donors with their philanthropic goals, work closely with nonprofits to address challenges in the community, and are always learning more about the needs in the Triangle and how we can affect change. We are here to serve you, our donors and our community.

Carla Abramczyk
Director of Donor Development
Stuart Beeson
Donor Development Officer
Sarah Guidi
Director of Community Engagement
Frazelle Hampton
Donor Engagement Associate
Lindsay Harrell
Director of Finance
LaToya King
Chief Operations Officer
Joshua McLean
Shannon St. John Fellow
Mitchell Moravec
Donor Engagement Officer
Robert Naylor
Chief Financial Officer & Director of Administration
Greyson Norcross
Senior Donor Engagement Officer
Lori O’Keefe
President & CEO
Meredyth Pederson Cooper
Executive Administrator
Grace Pulliam
Senior Digital Communications Specialist
Larisa Putnam
People Operations Manager
Laurel Shulman
Senior Donor Engagement Officer, Data Strategy
Natalia Siegel
Director of Donor Engagement
Michelle Sorrells
Senior Program Officer
Zach Ward
Scholarships and Program Officer
Jennifer Weld
Director of Marketing & Communications
Anne Wolf
Senior Accountant
Jill Wright
Donor Development Associate