Here at the Foundation, our top goal is to make your grant dollars count so everyone in our community has the opportunity to thrive. How can you help us? One way is to note these grantmaking "do’s and don’ts" so your support can make an immediate and impactful difference.

First Things First

Grants may not be recommended from a fund to:

  • Support activities which are not “charitable” as defined by the IRS, including political contributions or political campaigns
  • Non-operating private foundations, or to certain fraternal and civic organizations (e.g., Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, Kiwanis, or Lions Clubs)
  • Organizations that are not in compliance with our Donor-Advised Fund Due Diligence Policy
  • Provide funding directly to any individual(s) or that provide private benefit to any individual(s)
  • Purchase benefit gala tickets, goods at a charitable auction, fundraising dinners, or tournaments
  • Satisfy a legally-binding pledge
  • Satisfy a loan, pay compensation, dues, membership fees, expense reimbursements or payments or similar payments to donors, advisors, or related parties

Donors, advisors, and related parties are prohibited from receiving tangible or incidental benefits as the result of the grant from the fund. In the case of the prohibited grants listed above, splitting payment of a prohibited expenditure, like benefit gala tickets, in order to pay the tax-deductible portion from the Fund and the portion which is not tax-deductible from personal sources, is not permitted under Foundation policies.

Deadlines to Know

Grants are processed weekly unless otherwise noted. The deadline for grants will be changing from 12 PM on Tuesday to 11:59 PM on Sunday. This means that grant recommendations received by this time each week will be processed in the same week barring issues in due diligence.

Fundholders may not pick up/deliver grant checks to organizations. All checks are mailed directly to approved nonprofit organizations.

We're Here to Help!

Your fund liaison stands ready to assist with general fund maintenance, grantmaking, succession planning, and more. We can also assist in connecting you to nonprofits, engagement through events and learning opportunities, family philanthropy resources, and our community programs.

Contact Donor Services at or at (919) 474-8363 to schedule an appointment.

And as always, the easiest, preferred, and most convenient way for you to submit grant recommendations (and also to see when they are processed) is online via the Donor Portal.