Over $24 million in grantmaking to nonprofits last year alone

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Triangle Community Foundation is building a stronger Triangle for all. By working with dedicated donors and strong nonprofits, we are able to guide gifts in a strategic way to fill in gaps, reduce inequities, and solve the region’s most pressing challenges. We work tirelessly in the Triangle region of North Carolina to help build a more vibrant community for everyone. By taking a broad view, we are uniquely positioned to identify gaps, support the most important needs, and shape a brighter future for generations to come.

As we continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and inexcusable racial injustice, we need to help each other even more. Even as our staff works remotely, we are committed to continued listening to the needs of our community, learning (and unlearning) with our donors and partners, and responding quickly to pressing needs as they arise. We hope you'll join us. 

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Fund for the Triangle provides direct support for the Foundation’s interconnected impact areas, ensuring we are able to partner with strong nonprofits that are the cornerstone of our community’s health. This permanent community-based fund allows us the flexibility to be nimble so we are able to respond quickly to pressing needs now and for generations to come. We encourage you to read more about how we have mobilized Fund for the Triangle for COVID-19 Recovery efforts, and join us in supporting these efforts.

In the last year alone, we've granted $2.5M through this fund to strong nonprofits working in our impact areas!


Gallery Artist: King Nobuyoshi Godwin

The Durham Art Guild and Triangle Community Foundation are thrilled to present work from King Nobuyoshi Godwin in the Triangle Community Artists Gallery. During this time while our office is closed, we are heartbroken that no one can see our beautiful gallery in person. But the show must go on! We encourage you to visit our virtual gallery, where you can peruse the current show at your leisure, and purchase art if you desire.

About King:

"King expresses his feelings about the important things in life and love in his paintings. He believes in his work and each creation is precious to him. Colors and numbers are friends with their own special meanings. To King, 4,500 is the happiest number, but 07 is sad, while 77 is a good day! He smiles when he paints and pours his feelings into each canvas.

King thinks being autistic is pretty lucky because it gives him the capability to see beautiful trees and talk to them. Every piece purchased supports his ability to live independently. King’s career as a professional artist is not only inspiring, it serves as proof that life with a disability can be productive and meaningful."

The Tiger is chillin because the sun is pretty


Environmental Conservation

The Foundation recently announced that we have helped conserve
267 acres
of land in our region since 2015!

Learn more about this Impact Area and join us in preserving our natural resources.


Our region, made up of four counties, is home to a growing number of unique people with a diverse array of abilities and challenges. Interested in learning more? Take a minute to learn more about our continuously growing region, and the nonprofits that serve it.

  • Orange County 148,696 people
  • Durham County 324,833 people
  • Wake County 1,129,410 people
  • Chatham County 76,285 people

Source: 2020 U.S. Census