Interested in opening a donor-advised fund at the Foundation?

Donor-advised funds:

  • Allow you to support the causes you care about, and may care about in the future
  • Help you teach future generations about the importance of giving back through family philanthropy
  • Serve as an efficient and meaningful vehicle for your philanthropy
  • Provide a great way to be actively involved in your grantmaking

These types of funds operate much like private foundations, except there is no mandated five percent distribution and the Foundation handles all administrative details from record-keeping to accounting, investment, and grant-making activities. A donor-advised fund allows you to give your cash or marketable securities at a time that is advantageous for tax purposes, allowing you to decide what you would like to support at your convenience.

Quick Facts

  • Minimum initial gift: $10,000+
  • Fund balance to maintain: $10,000
  • Additional gifts: any size
  • Minimum grant: $250
  • Annual administration fee: 1% first $1 million, $300 minimum annual fee
  • Time to set up fund: Less than one week

Our Fundholders Receive

  • Quick and easy set-up with no start up fees
  • The highest level of tax benefits
  • Ability to give complex gifts
  • Anonymity if desired
  • Multi-generational giving options and resources
  • Access to staff expertise on community issues, needs, and programs
  • Unlimited grants to publicly-supported charities
  • Secure online account access
  • Access to donor-only events at the Foundation
  • Opportunities to co-invest with other fundholders on collective giving initiatives

Download printable info sheet about donor-advised funds.