Building the capacity of local organizations is at the core of what we do.  Nonprofit organizations play a key role in our community addressing inequities and creating a region where all can thrive. The Foundation believes that for our community’s nonprofit organizations to be best equipped to meet their missions they need strong leadership, sound operation, and must work together to accomplish complex goals. In addition to our Capacity Building Impact Area, we offer these additional support and resources to nonprofit organization in our region.

Best Practices for Nonprofits

There are a wide-variety of resources offered outside the Foundation to assist you in building your organization's capacity and overall effectiveness in a variety of areas. Whether you are looking for assistance with board engagement, considering equity, diversity, and inclusion in your organization’s practices, or you are interested in learning techniques for successful financial management – there are plenty of blogs, workshops, webinars, and training to assist in building your leadership and organization’s capacity to carry your mission more effectively.

Agency Funds

We believe in a strong local ecosystem of nonprofits and protecting an organization’s legacy. Agency Funds can be established by nonprofit organizations to invest their operating reserves or endowments to benefit their organizations in perpetuity. More information about Agency Funds can be found here.

Sudden and Urgent Needs Fund

We understand that there are stressors that can unexpectedly impact a nonprofit organization’s services. Our SUN Fund grant provides assistance to nonprofit organizations in the Triangle experiencing an unbudgeted, unforeseen, and time-sensitive crisis that interferes with their ability to provide critical services or presents an imminent threat to the organization’s operations.