Why It Matters

Since Fall 2020, the Foundation's education-focused work in grants and scholarships has been housed under one impact area: Education & Youth. Through these programs, we support community-based, youth-serving nonprofits and students themselves through post-secondary scholarships.

The Education & Youth impact area has three primary goals:

  • Support youth ages 5-24 in developing their leadership capacity and ability to be involved in their community;
  • Support them completing their current educational track; and
  • Increase the number of youth able to both access and complete post-secondary education.

We know that students of all ages in our community face significant barriers to achieving their dreams and goals, including challenges with mental health, forming and maintaining healthy social relationships, and accessing the support needed to launch a career post-graduation. Triangle Community Foundation strives to be a genuine partner to students, their support networks, and the organizations that serve them. We commit to listening and learning from students at every opportunity and involving them as equal partners. We continue to be in awe of their passion, resilience, and leadership.

We're Working To

Increase the number of youth-led and informed initiatives

Increase the percent of youth completing their current educational track

Increase the percent of youth able to access and complete post-secondary education


Each year, the Foundation funds nearly 200 students with more than $600,000 in awards; many students continue to receive funding to support their education throughout their journey to a degree or credential.

Scholarship Recipient Advisory Committee

Our Scholarship Recipient Advisory Committee works alongside our staff to advise us on the accessibility of our scholarship application and ensure we are informed of real-time challenges and opportunities facing students. We are currently working to form our 2023-2024 committee and look forward to sharing details about these amazing students soon!

Student Assistance Fund

In July 2020, the Foundation set up the Student Assistance Fund for current scholarship recipients, providing one-time cash assistance to eligible students to assist with needs that would otherwise hinder them from completing their academic program. Grants are being made on a rolling basis, and we've heard such gratitude from students upon receipt. We are excited to continue offering this assistance to support our scholars as they pursue their educational goals.

If you would like to contribute to this fund so that we can make additional grants, please make a gift to our Fund for the Triangle and denote Student Assistance Fund.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this contribution to my housing. I’ve been in tears since I got the approval email. The weight of the world is just a little bit lighter because of this. Thank you so much again, I just can’t thank the Foundation enough."