By Natalia Siegel, Senior Donor Engagement Officer

In a recent article in Triangle Business Journal, Foundation President & CEO Lori O’Keefe spoke about the power and importance of collective giving, and how community is supported and nourished by many people coming together to financially support causes. One of the ways she recommended readers get involved with collective giving is to learn more about and join a giving circle.

Giving circles are groups of individuals with a shared interest that pool their time, talent, and treasure to provide maximum impact. Many giving circles center around cultural, racial and ethnic identities, geographic location, or passion for a specific cause. According to Philanthropy Together, there are over 2,500 giving circles with 150,000+ members in the United States, and have given $1.29B away over 20+ years. The power of collective giving is real.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing more about each of the giving circles that are hosted at Triangle Community Foundation. We encourage you to learn more about your neighbors in philanthropy, provide financial support to their work via an interfund transfer, and connect with them to learn about ways your philanthropic interests overlap. If you are interested in learning more about creating a giving circle at the Foundation, please find more information on our website or email Natalia Siegel at

In the meantime, one of our giving circles, 20/20 Sisters of Vision, is actively recruiting members. If you or someone you know may be a good fit, please forward them the following information!

20/20 Sisters of Vision: Join Now!

The 20/20 Sisters of Vision Giving Circle was started in 2008 by co-founders Joanne Jennings and Denise Rowson. The Circle grew out of providing financial support to women and families in need, and started with just asking other women for a $20 donation to help someone else. Sisters of Vision are also members of the Community Investment Network (CIN), a network of other giving circles across gender, racial, and cultural lines.

We believe that through the grace of God and putting our time, talents and treasures together, we can accomplish anything. Check out our website for additional information about who we are, our members and our giving.

We are presently in a season of membership recruitment, and looking for Black women of all ages who:

  • Want to use their time, talents, and treasures for the upliftment of community both locally and internationally,
  • Want to be a part of positive change in the lives of others,
  • Are civic-minded,
  • Can commit to the circle and its mission for at least one year, and
  • Can financially support the mission-$340 per year, consisting of $100 administrative dues and $20 each month.

For further information, contact us at