Digging Deeper Into The Needs of the Region

We believe information has the power to drive positive community change. Our community is growing and changing, and we want to engage people across the region in understanding these evolving needs and working together to make a difference. We invite you to explore the resources below with the hope that it will spark questions and conversation that will bring us all together to make a difference.

What is the state of our region? How do we best learn about our community, so that we can better serve everyone who lives here?

Triangle Community Foundation is always learning – looking at the current state of our region, and taking a deeper dive into the four counties we serve that make up a diverse, prosperous, yet challenged community. Child poverty, racial, ethnic, & age composition, and a pattern of significant growth are just some of the factors in our changing Triangle. We believe that working together, we must continue to learn about the needs, issues, and opportunities in our backyard so that we can build a vibrant, thriving region, and make a difference for the future generations to come.

Learn More About Nonprofits in our Region

Nonprofit organizations provide essential services across our Triangle region that make our community a better place to live every day. They feed our children, clean our streams, provide cultural activities, educate our growing population, and so much more. These nonprofits are the backbone of our communities and are leading the way toward a more equitable community where everyone can thrive. Many nonprofits work towards this vision in the face of growing demand for more services with limited resources - and we're committed to learning more.