Nonprofit Stories

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Nurturing Youth and Community

It’s a picture-perfect autumn afternoon, and the SEEDS two-acre urban farm is a hive of activity. As you walk through the whimsically designed gates, the space stretches ahead, a fusion of cozy backyard and childhood wonderland. A sprawling herb garden… Continued “Nurturing Youth and Community”

Social Justice Through Art

How would people living on death row believe they have a story to share? How would they consider their story even matters? Society would relegate them to its “outskirts” along with others deemed unworthy of story, where difference is uncounted.… Continued “Social Justice Through Art”

Conserving Land and Legacy

With your help, we have granted $767,111 to environmental organizations through Fund for the Triangle since FY 2013-2014 While strolling through Good Hope Farm on a sunny afternoon, one gets the curious feeling that the farm is a living, breathing… Continued “Conserving Land and Legacy”

The Push to Merge

The M word. Often suggested by funders recognizing the abundance of nonprofit organizations doing similar work in a community, and equally feared by nonprofit leaders doing that work. Over the last few years, mergers have become a hot topic in… Continued “The Push to Merge”