Community Development

Community Development


Break the cycle of poverty in the Triangle

Why it Matters

Thousands of our region’s residents have difficulty meeting basic needs such as housing, food, healthcare, and employment. Without access to opportunities, these individuals and families cannot thrive. The impact of poverty goes far beyond those directly affected; it extends to their neighborhoods, their communities, and the region as a whole. We cannot succeed together if we leave some behind.

Poverty cannot be simplified as a direct consequence of a lack of affordable housing, little education, or poor health.  Instead, it should be viewed with a broader outlook that considers the unique challenges and inequities of the families and individuals most in need. Certain populations are more likely to experience poverty, including people of color, families headed by single women, and people living with a disability. Expanding access to resources for those experiencing poverty can ensure their long-term success.

We’re Working To:

  • Increase access to permanent housing, employment, and healthcare
  • Identify and invest in organizations working with marginalized populations
  • Encourage partnerships that incorporate a multi-faceted approach to addressing poverty


View a list of Community Development nonprofit partners since 2013 here.

Stories of Impact

Featured highlight: Community Home Trust

“Mary, a Community Home Trust homeowner since 2006, said that owning a home through CHT gave her the financial confidence to return to school. She received her masters in 2008 and her Ph.D. in 2012. She met her husband in 2010. Together, they have made adjustments to their 900-sf home to accommodate their growing family. According to Mary and Ehren, their CHT home allows them to save and provide well for their children. Through funding provided by Triangle Community Foundation, Community Home Trust has developed a strategic plan to optimize its resources in order to fulfill its mission of strengthening our community with permanently affordable housing opportunities. This includes supporting our residents to foster their happiness and success. Looking to the future, Mary has met with a certified financial counselor at the Home Trust to plan for the children’s college and for retirement.” – Camille Berry, Community Home Trust

You can read more stories of our impact, and the success of local nonprofits addressing poverty, here.


Jessica Aylor

Vice President of Community Engagement
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