Introducing What Matters: The Podcast!

Join us for a limited series of five bi-weekly podcasts, each with different conversations between our staff members and people doing incredible things in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in our community. Three ways to watch - below on our website, on our YouTube channel, or listen to the audio on our Spotify or Apple Podcast channels.

What Matters: The Podcast (2021)

What Matters: The Podcast is coming back January 2021!

Special guests: Monét Marshall, Artist, Artistic Director, MOJOAA Performing Arts Center; Brandon Cordrey, Artist, Executive Director, VAE Raleigh; Bernard Hsu, Foundation Fundholder [Foundation staff: Sarah Guidi and Alexandria Franklin]

Episode 5: The Impact of COVID-19 and Racial Inequity on the Triangle Arts Community

In our last episode of What Matters: The Video Podcast series, our guests highlight what is it like to be an artist during this time, what do the arts do for our community, how funding can play into racial inequity, and from the donor perspective why is it so important to support the arts right now.


Special guests: Magan Gonzales-Smith, Durham Public Schools Foundation; Maria Peralta Porras, Recent graduate, Guilford College [Foundation staff: Sarah Battersby and Julia Da Silva]

Episode 4: The Immense Impact COVID-19 has had on Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected students in our region. From concerns over learning loss, food insecurity, and scholarship restrictions to housing and mental health factors, students of all ages have had to make unexpected changes amid an uncertain future. In episode 4 of the What Matters Video Podcast, our guests highlight some of the challenges that students have had to make, and what's still needed to ensure they can all thrive.


Special guests: Melinda Wiggins, Executive Director of Student Action with Farmworkers and Foundation Board Member; Michelle Bermeo Betancourt, Development Manager of El Pueblo; Bob Healy, semi-retired Professor of Environmental Policy at Duke University, fundholder at the Foundation; Kay Edgar, retired CPA and financial planner, fundholder at the Foundation [Foundation staff: Ebony West and Laurel Shulman]

Episode 3: Supporting Families Ineligible for Federal Aid During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated and deepened inequities that already existed in our community. Federal and state laws disqualified undocumented residents, agricultural workers, and others in our community from receiving this spring's stimulus checks, continued unemployment benefits, and additional resources. In April, Triangle Community Foundation granted $25,000 from our Fund for the Triangle to five local nonprofits focused specifically on direct aid for these families, and our donors rallied, raising an additional $109,000 that was mobilized for this cause.


Special guests: : Monica Daye, Executive Director of Stand Up Speak Out; Alexandra Zagabayou, Executive Director of Student U; Stacey Donoghue, Executive Director of StrongHER TogetHER; Valerie Stewart, Director, Healthy Communities, Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation; Member, Triangle Capacity-Building Network [Foundation staff: Julia Da Silva and Tanaya Suddreth Lynch]

Episode 2: The Importance of Funding Organizations Led BY & Serving People of Color

This week's episode dives in the work of nonprofits led by and serving communities of color—what work they are doing, why their work is important, why they need our dollars, and how their organization and their clients are being especially impacted by COVID-19. In episode 2 of this series, you'll hear from our Triangle Capacity Building Network as they shed light on why this type of funding is vital, highlighting the work being done in the crisis, why our TCBN partners support this work


Featuring Zulayka Santiago, NC Funder Collaborative for Strong Latinx Communities; Diane Amato, Founder of The Art of Giving; and Eric Guckian, President & CEO of United Way of the Greater Triangle. [Foundation staff: Sarah Guidi and Natalia Siegel]

Episode 1: A Quick Pivot to Rapid Response

The COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to adapt to new ways of doing things, and for our region’s nonprofits, that quick pivot was of utmost importance because there were vital needs to be met in our community. In episode 1 of this series, you’ll hear from the donor and nonprofit perspective on why being flexible and maximizing impact was so important, what they saw in the beginning, and what changes they are hopeful will continue into the future.


What Matters: The Video Podcast Trailer

We are excited to announce our video podcast! You'll see the Foundation's staff interview nonprofits, donors, and community leaders in the Triangle and hear their impactful and inspiring stories.