Triangle Donors Forum: Reinvigorating a Region

February 14, 2019

How can your philanthropy close the gaps in our community and help reinvigorate our region towards progress?

Last Thursday, more than 40 donors and community leaders joined Triangle Community Foundation at our Donors Forum. We were joined by David Dodson, President of MDC, at Hayti Heritage Center to take a deeper look at the progress that has moved our region forward, how we are falling backwards, and what we must do to continue making strides towards a more thriving community.

A Snapshot: Highlights from the Event

We began the day with a welcome from Angela Lee, Executive Director of Hayti Heritage Center/St. Joseph’s Historic Foundation, who described how the organization contributes to creating a vibrant community through its preservation of the heritage and culture of this historic neighborhood and its advancement of cultural arts related to the African-American experience.

  • Our President and CEO, Lori O’Keefe, spoke about the Foundation’s commitment to learning about why some members in our community are not thriving, as well as the role of the Foundation as a partner in creating a Triangle where everyone thrives.
  • Our keynote David Dodson, President of MDC, led us in an engaging, deep dive into their 2018 report, State of the South: Recovering our Courage. Below you will find some major takeaways, moments, and quotes from the presentation:
    • Progress has been stagnant across the South. Fifty years ago, important work was done in the South that moved our region forward in infrastructure, education and other areas. However, we are now coasting in areas where we were moving forward. Dodson recommended that we rediscover the passion and level of analysis that our forbearers had to move forward again.
    • We must have a multi-generational mindset when making decisions. Dodson mentioned how Iroquois Indians had a system where they made decisions based on the “benefit seven generations from now.” When making decisions on our future, the South must look more long-term at the benefit of the generations that will follow us.
    • Our philanthropy must be guided and grounded in the three P’s. People who are proximate to the problem should be leading or informing the decision-making on issues impacting them and their communities.

What’s Next? What can YOU do?