Your impact matters.

You are passionate about our community, and we are too. Whether you want to organize and focus your giving, support a specific cause, work together to help make the Triangle region thrive for future generations, provide scholarships for students, or roll up your sleeves and get involved, Triangle Community Foundation is here to help. We offer many different options for your giving, provide expertise about the needs and challenges in our region, and are committed to strong financial management.

Types of Funds

Individuals, families, corporations, institutions, or nonprofit organizations may establish funds with us. We make it easy to establish a charitable fund that meets your personal needs and creates a legacy for you, and for the community. Whatever your philanthropic goals, we have the flexibility and tools to help you reach them.  

Field-of-interest funds are established to support unspecified programs or organizations in a general field of interest important to the donor. This fund serves as a permanent endowment, and the Foundation will carry out the purpose you choose, today and for generations to come. This is also a good fund option to support our Fund for the Triangle in perpetuity. 

Designated funds are established by the donor to support one or more specific nonprofit organizations or programs. If a designated organization ceases to exist, the Foundation works with the donor or advisor to identify a similar program that maintains the spirit of the original charitable intent. This is also a good fund option to support our Fund for the Triangle in perpetuity. 

Unrestricted funds are distributed through our Fund for the Triangle at the discretion of the Foundation’s  staff and board of directors. These important funds give us the flexibility to respond quickly to challenging issues in our community, as well as the ability to be strategic with our impact through our four focus areas.

Giving Circles are established by donors who are interested in pooling their charitable dollars to make a greater impact in the community. Giving circles have memberships, their own activities and events, and make grants as a group. Several giving circles and committee-advised funds are operating currently at the Foundation. Read more about the current Giving Circles making a difference in the Triangle in partnership with the Foundation. 

Donor-advised funds are established by donors who wish to have the ability to make recommendations as to how all individual grants from the fund are spent. Although federal tax law requires that the Foundation make the ultimate decisions on grant distributions, Triangle Community Foundation makes every effort to follow our donors’ wishes. Donor-advised funds are a tax-advantaged, convenient way to organize your personal philanthropy or corporate giving program. Read more about donor-advised funds

Agency funds are established by nonprofit organizations using their operating reserves or existing endowments to benefit their organizations. These funds allow for access to our professional investment management and planned giving expertise. We believe in a strong local ecosystem of nonprofits, and protecting an organization’s legacy is one of the ways that happens. Read more about agency funds

Scholarship and award funds are established by donors who want to support a student’s growth through educational opportunities or by recognition of success in a particular discipline. Donors may recommend an academic focus for their scholarship fund, eligibility criteria, and often work in committees to choose recipients. Read more about scholarship and award funds

Become a Donor

You do not have to open a fund to give through the Foundation. We offer several other ways to give back to the community by partnering with us, whether you are a current fundholder or not.

Fund for the Triangle is the Foundation’s unrestricted fund, set up to benefit directly our four focus areas in the arts, community development, the environment, and youth literacy, in perpetuity. We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of everyone in the Triangle, and one of the ways we are able to do that is by focusing direct funding, research, and convenings in these areas. We strongly believe that by making an impact through Our Focus, we can change the face of the future for our region. But we can’t do it alone. Read more about our community and the Fund for the Triangle

Giving Together initiatives are timely ways for our fundholders and donors to co-invest with the Foundation and make a greater impact on critical needs as they arise. Read more about past and current Giving Together initiatives.

Hitchings Legacy Society membership is initiated by the donor(s) who wish to make an impact beyond their lifetime. Donors planning to leave all or a portion of their estate to Triangle Community Foundation are enrolled in this society upon disclosure to our staff. We have the expert resources to help with family and estate planning, so our donors can leave the legacy they so desire. Read more about the Hitchings Legacy Society

Donate Now! Make a one-time donation to the fund of your choice, support our Fund for the Triangle, join a Giving Circle, Send a Kid to Camp, or become a Community Investor, and give back to our community. Make a donation today!

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