An Update on What Matters: Women

Last April, nearly 800 guests left fired up to create a region of opportunities for women and girls in the Triangle after attending What Matters: Women. But there were so many questions about how we could help women and girls feel empowered and provide them the resources they needed to … Continued

Leaving a Legacy

For Jim Stewart and Frances Dyer, contributing to the community has always been a part of life. Growing up in Durham, Stewart was keenly aware of his father’s (John “Shag” Stewart) passion and impact in the region, and knew he had big shoes to fill. “My dad’s favorite expression was … Continued

The Science of a Legacy

Like many scientists, George Hitchings and Gertrude “Trudy” Elion aren’t exactly household names, despite their incredible achievements. They are best known for winning the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1988. Together, they created innovative drug treatments for leukemia, malaria, AIDS, and more. Those familiar with the history of Triangle Community … Continued

Empowering Through Education

Ask Dr. Umesh Gulati and his wife Usha for advice about living an impactful life, and they’re likely to say, “Have a conversation. Get to know someone.” Preferably someone who’s not like you. In their early years in the United States, the Gulatis were often faced with their uniqueness. In … Continued

Working Toward a Thriving Society

Dr. Bulent Ender was raised to believe that it was his responsibility to give back to those in need. As a first-generation immigrant from Turkey growing up in the suburbs of D.C., he was surrounded by opportunity. Opportunity that came with a clear message from his family and religion. “Being … Continued

Q&A with the Compass Center for Women and Families

The following is an interview with Cordelia Heaney (C), Executive Director of  Compass Center for Women and Families, conducted by Julia Da Silva (J), Programs and Scholarships Associate. J: Tell me a little about the Compass Center. C: Compass Center for Women and Families helps all people navigate their journey to … Continued

Founders’ Day Celebration: 35 Years of Impact

Nearly 200 esteemed guests gathered at the Umstead Hotel in Cary on the evening of Wednesday, November 14, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Triangle Community Foundation. Pat Nathan, Board Chair, welcomed the crowd, remarking what a momentous occasion was, “a milestone that without all of you in the room, … Continued

Giving Circle Feature: Longleaf Collective

We all want to see a Triangle where everyone thrives, and it takes a group of committed people to help create that Triangle. As philanthropy has changed from an individual act to a more community effort, it seems fitting that giving circles have become a way for everyone to take … Continued