Giving Circles Feature: The Beehive Collective

While not a new concept, giving circles have become an increasingly popular and important form of philanthropy, allowing a group of individuals to combine resources to have a larger funding impact on an organization or issue area. We believe in the power of collective giving to make great change, and … Continued

What Matters: Women

Nearly 800 community members, the largest crowd yet, came together for this year’s What Matters to learn about how women continue to face significant challenges as it relates to health, housing, employment, and education. The Raleigh Convention Center was packed with both women and men from all walks of life. … Continued

Family Legacy Meets Social Justice

Rebecca Balter’s story begins long before she was even born. Balter comes from a long line of entrepreneurs; her family built a successful bank in Dresden, Germany at the turn of the 20th century. In fact, the family believed so much in building a legacy for their employees, that it … Continued

A Life of Service: There is No Other Way

As Vice President of Operations at Methodist Home for Children, Ken Perry says that he has always had a passion for philanthropy. The human service agency that he has grown to become a pillar of provides safe, stable homes where at-risk children can thrive and ultimately succeed. The organization builds … Continued

Heart Surgery and Hammers

Cécile Noël would rather comfort a ten-year old Nicaraguan boy with a hole in his heart than attend a board meeting. “When he came at the beginning of the week, the boy had a cough and a runny nose so he couldn’t be evaluated for treatment because you can’t intubate … Continued

A Part of His Character

College is not a reality that many living in poverty consider “a given” or a definite part of their future. Ridden with financial burdens, the everyday struggle to secure shelter and food are the constant priority. In fact, only 47 percent of low-income students enroll in college, according to the … Continued

Investing in Young Nonprofit Professionals

The following is an interview with Molly Rivera (M), Board Chair of Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of the Triangle (YNPN), conducted by Hiral Patel (H), Marketing and Communications Associate. H: Why is it important to invest in young nonprofit professionals?   M: Simply put, we are the future of the … Continued

The Importance of Community

There’s a certain richness in community, of being part of something that yields a sense of belonging. Where neighbors truly are neighbors who look out for each other. Or so thinks Dr. Margareta Claesson. She learned early on what community means, and it has shaped her life, her learning, and … Continued

Donor Profile: Jack Clayton

What are you passionate about? What issue(s) speak to you? There’s more than one, but right off the bat, I would say youth leadership. I’ve been involved with Boy Scouts for a long time – in Durham where I became an Eagle Scout and in Raleigh where I was an … Continued