Banding Together for the Trees

“I believe that you just cannot do work on environmental issues at the local level without the community [being] involved,” says Elaine Chiosso, Executive Director of the Haw River Assembly (HRA). Her organization has spent six years advocating for better environmental protections to be required in Chatham Park, a 7000+ … Continued

Creating Connections Between Culture and Nature

Traveling around the Triangle, we see traffic congestion while commuting to and from work, new apartment buildings in the skyline, and more and more construction of highways and roads. These are just results of the Triangle’s popularity across the country as it tops the “best of” lists and more people … Continued

Conserving Land and Legacy

With your help, we have granted $767,111 to environmental organizations through Fund for the Triangle since FY 2013-2014 While strolling through Good Hope Farm on a sunny afternoon, one gets the curious feeling that the farm is a living, breathing organism all on its own. A resident farmer pulls up … Continued

A Family Commitment to Change

How much is enough? That question stuck in Dave’s mind after participating in a JustFaith group at his church, where they met once a week to learn about major issues like hunger, poverty, racism, immigration, and more. He started adding up all of the birthday, anniversary, and holiday gifts that … Continued

Ron Strom: Passionate Philanthropist

The following is an interview with Ron Strom (R), Foundation fundholder, conducted by Meg Buckingham (M), senior marketing & communications officer for the Foundation. M: Ron, tell me a little about your passion, and how you connect it to your philanthropy. R: My personal passions involve connecting with the environment … Continued

An Interview with Jerry VanSant

What fuels your passion (for the environment)? I have no professional background in the environment, rather, my experience lies in the evaluation of nonprofits and the nonprofit sector. I have always cared about the outdoors, even as a young child, and I feel it is an extraordinarily important issue. It … Continued

Environmental grants to make long-term impact

The goal:  that people in Durham can someday jump into sections of Ellerbe Creek without worrying about what’s inside, and that they can experience nature in a safe way in their backyard.   “The impact on the community is long-term,” said Chris Dreps, executive director of Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association.  … Continued