We are proud to have such a large, diverse family of donors at the Foundation. Each individual, family and business has issues and causes that they support that are personal to them, while also believing in the greater impact of community giving. After the initial creation of your fund, we will work with you to ensure your giving is having the effect in our community that you want it to have, and help you with a plan for your legacy.

Resources for Using your Fund

Access Your Fund Online –You can access your fund information online at any time.  Donor Central is a free online service that allows you to submit grant recommendations, view your statements, check your balance, or review gifts and grants.  If you do not have DonorCentral access, please contact us at 919.474.8363 to set it up today.

2016 End of Year Giving Reminders for Fundholders

Gifts into a fund:

Checks – dated and postmarked on or before Dec 31

Cash – received by wire or delivery on or before Dec 30

Publicly-traded stock – received in our Schwab account on or before Dec 30

Mutual funds and restricted stock – initiated on or before Dec 9 or sooner if needed to close gift transaction

If there are questions regarding real estate transactions, please refer those inquiries to Robin.

Grants from a fund: Grant recommendations need to be received by 12 p.m. Tuesday, Dec 6, in order to ensure processing by Dec 31.

Recommend a Grant

You can use Donor Central or submit this form to recommend grants to organizations you want to help.

Add to Your Fund

You can make additional contributions to your fund anytime, please review our gift instructions here

Contact Our Expert Staff

You can contact our Donor Services staff at any time for assistance with your philanthropic needs, or call the Donor Services line (919.474.8363).

Additional Resources

Support Our Work – We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of everyone in the Triangle, and one of the ways we are able to do that is by focusing direct funding, research, and convenings in four areas: the arts, community development, the environment and youth literacy. We strongly believe that by making an impact in these four areas, we can change the face of the future. But we can’t do it alone.

Plan for Tomorrow – Consider the impact you could make beyond your lifetime.  Many of the donors in our Hitchings Legacy Society plan to leave all or a portion of their estates to Triangle Community Foundation. Our staff has the resources to help you with your family and legacy planning, so that your giving stretches far beyond your lifetime.

Support Local Nonprofits – Many of our local nonprofits participate in challenge grant opportunities, especially during the last few months of each year. We encourage you to support these initiatives through your fund, and maximize your giving.