A Walk with Myself by Ji Ahn Kang

Artist Statement:

The moments you deserve.

Giving permission to slow down and taking a moment to walk with myself is the best gift I learned.

With this collection, I wanted to share the beauty that I found.

The beauty I found was the stillness of nature.

Not only did I see and feel the beauty of nature, but I also learned how to connect with the current.

"It's okay to take it slow. "

I hope this collection inspires you to take a moment and gives you the delights you deserve.

"Unfolded Stories" (pine tree)
"Unfolded Stories" (pine tree)

Meet the Artist

Ji Ahn Kang is Korean, currently living and working in NC.

She moved to NYC in 2014 and worked as a jewelry designer for many years, and later on, she worked as a cake designer in Brooklyn.

Her cakes were featured in Vogue and many publications.

During her career, she was intimately working closely with colors and textures. All her knowledge, craftsmanship, and artistry merged into paintings, and now she mainly focuses on making paintings.

She is always curious and fascinated with colors and textures.

After moving to NC, Jiahn deeply fell in love with nature's beauty and became obsessed with mother nature's elements and details.

She works on both small and large scales of artwork with acrylics.

She paints in 2D, and recently, her interest merged in using heavy mediums to add textures and sculptural forms to her paintings, which incorporated the techniques from her former cake designs to make sculptural paintings.