Are you a philanthropist? We’re guessing the answer is yes.

The word philanthropy means to love others, and a philanthropist puts that into action. Too often we don’t see ourselves as philanthropists, and at the Foundation, we think it’s time for all of us to reclaim that title. Because a student organizing a book drive, a grandparent tithing to their church, a young professional making a donation to a local shelter, a passionate advocate coordinating outreach – are all philanthropists. It takes everyone to make this community thrive.

We want to hear from you!

If you are, or know someone who is, a philanthropist by definition – giving back to our community through time, talent, treasure, or other ways – help us reclaim this word and highlight the important work you are doing in our region. Submit a story right here, and let us lift up the love you are spreading! These stories will be used on our social channels leading up to, and at What Matters 2020, so that our entire community can celebrate together the impact you are making, and bring awareness to the causes you care about.

Stay tuned for a link to upload your story – to be revealed in mid-November, 2019. 

Once you’ve uploaded your story, don’t forget to look for it on our Facebook and Twitter page and share it too! #iamaphilanthropist #whatmatters2020