The Foundation reached out to Durham & Raleigh City Governments in July 2015 to request that the cities officially proclaim August to be 'Black Philanthropy Month,' and both Mayor Bill Bell and Mayor Nancy McFarlane responded in favor.

Black Philanthropy Month (BPM), held every August, was created in August 2011 by Pan-African Women's Philanthropy Network as an annual, global celebration of African-descent giving. The month long observance invites all people of African ancestry and allied brothers and sisters to take August and beyond to promote the power of giving to transform lives.

The proclamation reads, "Whereas Black communities have vested reasons to celebrate and renew their rich, shared traditions of giving, self-help, and innovation throughout the US and the world; and whereas an extraordinary legacy of philanthropy and ongoing achievement in philanthropy merit a concerted effort to lift up important stories, spotlight good work, educate the generations and inspire giving; and whereas understanding and generosity are instrumental to improving social, educational, economic and health outcomes in Black communities; and whereas philanthropy at its etymological root means love of humankind, and everyone desires love and deserves to flourish with love."

We at the Foundation believe that our landscape is changing, and we see that the residents of Durham are investing in that change, for a better future. We believe in the importance of celebrating our diversity, and the impact that can be made when everyone plays a part.

The Foundation is proud to partner with Community Investment Network (CIN), among others, to do more work in this arena. It is because of this partnership and our dedication to celebrating our diversity that we made this request, and hope that all of our donors will stand with us in celebration of our impactful black philanthropists this summer!
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