This text is from an interview with Katie Wyatt, for Kidznotes, a Nonprofit Organization

Why is giving back (philanthropy) so important to you? Do you have a story, or one specific instance in your life that started you on the path of giving to others?

Through what I do in music – we are giving back to our community constantly- through sharing what we’ve learned with other groups inspired by el Sistema, and the act of performing and sharing music with the world.

How do you think Triangle Community Foundation has helped donors advance their charitable interests and made a difference serving people and places in the Triangle?

Through offering donor advised funds, focused charitable initiatives, a helpful website full of information about giving in the greater region, the Triangle Community Foundation has been very helpful to donors. The office location on Tobacco Campus has also been a helpful and lovely meeting site for non-profits, and the services offered for fund management have also been utilized by Kidznotes and other organizations. Our board and donors are glad to see us utilizing these services.

What impact do you think Triangle Community Foundation has had helping nonprofits serve their clients and making the Triangle a better place to live and work?

Triangle Community Foundation has been a great resource for local giving trends, and in helping to raise awareness about the non-profit community across the region. The Triangle Gives Back program is one example of this.

What role do you think Triangle Community Foundation has played serving as a resource for local issues and raising awareness about them?

The Foundation’s recent capacity building grants in People, in helping move the needle on youth literacy by the end of the third grade have been issues that help to educate the community at large. The willingness of the leaders to engage and serve on committees for local nonprofits’ strategic planning, like our Kidznotes 3 year strategic planning process, has been invaluable. Their ability and willingness to speak on issues in philanthropy have also been invaluable to non-profits both large and small.