Why do you believe in the importance of giving back?

I find my greatest fulfillment in working with others towards a common goal. To operate at my fullest capacity, I need to share a variety of assets including life experiences, skills, connections and financial resources.

What are the causes that YOU care about?

As a successful business woman, I am interested in work to help close the employment and gaps for women, particularly single mothers.

As an adopted child, I am also interested in organizations that help youth successfully transition from the foster care system to independent living.

Now throw in my love of the outdoors, particularly hiking, and you have the things that inspire me to action.

Tell us your vision for the future of Triangle Community Foundation and our community as a whole.

I envision the Foundation as a convener of critical conversations, as the Triangle’s “go-to” resource for pressing issues and challenging opportunities. In this vision, fundholders, staff, businesses, nonprofit agencies and other citizens are deeply involved and are working together to identify and provide the assets needed to move the needle on these challenges.

Will you speak candidly about connecting with the Foundation?

Prior to connecting with the Foundation, I knew “what” areas I wanted to focus my philanthropy on, but wasn’t as clear on the “how.” Since then, I have been exposed to thought leaders on impactful philanthropy, have built relationships with other funders who share my interests, have grown my assets, and as a result, have made more strategic gifts to address systemic issues in our community.

Pat Nathan is the Vice Chair & Chair-Elect for the Foundation, and also leads the Donor Development Committee. She founded the local Dress for Success Triangle NC affiliate in April 2008 after a successful leadership record of 24 years in the electronics industry.