Busting Myths and Making Change

It’s a gray Friday morning, but the East Durham Children’s Initiative (EDCI) halls are bright with color and song. Over the muffled chorus of the children’s song “Baby Shark”, David Reese and Barker French share the core beliefs that steer their incredibly successful organization. EDCI’s mission is to create a … Continued

The Gift of Land

“I am sure everyone can find their equilibrium between enjoying life and philanthropy,” says Ish Sud. It’s about making choices. It’s differentiating between what is important and what is not. It’s perhaps spending judiciously on larger items, sacrificing symbols of status, and contributing the cost difference to charity while still … Continued

Tackling Systemic Homelessness Together

With your help, we have granted $642,450 to community development organizations through Fund for the Triangle since FY 2013-2014 Lack of affordable housing, financial insecurity, and systemic unemployment are intersecting crises of global proportions. While Chapel Hill and Durham’s dearth of affordable housing is typical of most U.S. cities, Community … Continued

RACE: Fostering Empathy

What does the word “race” mean to you? At the start of summer, Foundation staff and board members spent an afternoon reflecting on that question and more, as we toured the RACE exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh. As a part of our ongoing … Continued

Mental Illness: The Person Behind a Diagnosis

Mental illness was a barrier that kept Brent Parrish from reading fluently. His childhood education didn’t address his mental health and kept him from reaching his full potential. Parrish, who is in his 50’s, watched President Barack Obama’s farewell address in January, and he didn’t understand some of the complex … Continued

Giving Young Parents a Brighter Future

Parenting a child while in high school makes college seem out of reach. But Beth Harrington got a boost when she needed it most — a scholarship that opened doors to higher education and a better life for her son, Nathan. The de Grange Scholarship paid for two years at … Continued

Importance of Wrap-Around Care

Burma Spinks first came to the White Oak Foundation looking for help for her 87-year-old mother. But she ended up finding a community of support for herself as well. Spinks, who is currently in her 60s, and her mother visited the Foundation’s food pantry and attended many of the Senior … Continued

One Encounter Changed Him Forever

She walked into the rural Florida emergency food center on the arm of a disheveled, swaggering man. She was noticeably younger, she didn’t speak, and her gaze only fleetingly raised to meet Tim’s that day. The man she came with did all the talking, and when they left that day, … Continued