Community Development

The Gift of Land

“I am sure everyone can find their equilibrium between enjoying life and philanthropy,” says Ish Sud. It’s about making choices. It’s differentiating between what is important and what is not. It’s perhaps spending judiciously on larger items, sacrificing symbols of… Continued “The Gift of Land”

Busting Myths and Making Change

It’s a gray Friday morning, but the East Durham Children’s Initiative (EDCI) halls are bright with color and song. Over the muffled chorus of the children’s song “Baby Shark”, David Reese and Barker French share the core beliefs that steer… Continued “Busting Myths and Making Change”

RACE: Fostering Empathy

What does the word “race” mean to you? At the start of summer, Foundation staff and board members spent an afternoon reflecting on that question and more, as we toured the RACE exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Natural… Continued “RACE: Fostering Empathy”