Our Impact: Environmental Conservation (Land Transaction)


Up to $25,000

Application Deadline

Applications closed from 2020-2021 fiscal year

Funding direct program costs for land transactions is one of the greatest challenges facing conservation organizations today, in spite of the very high leverage effect it has on a land or easement donation from private donors.  Landowners who are willing to donate conservation land worth hundreds of thousands of dollars are often unable to fund the cash transaction costs as well.  Triangle Community Foundation will leverage donated land transactions by funding the transaction costs and stewardship endowments associated with land donations.

Transaction Grant Program

The Transaction Grant Program will assist organizations in leveraging conservation projects by providing support to fund qualifying transaction costs associated with land and easement donations.  Each property funded with these grants must be permanently protected through a Conservation Easement or Notice of Acceptance of Property for Conservation Purposes.

The Foundation will consider funding requests for the following:

  • Survey, environmental assessment, and legal description expenses
  • Legal expenses including attorney fees, title insurance, closing costs, and recording costs
  • Legal defense fund for the project
  • Baseline documentation report (including grantee labor and expenses to create the report)
  • Stewardship endowment for the project
  • Conservation staff expense, including labor costs and travel expenses, directly related to the proposed project

The Foundation will not fund deficit or debt financing, grants solely for the purpose of re-granting, grants to projects in which land is not permanently protected, projects outside Chatham, Durham, Orange, or Wake counties, ad valorem or rollback taxes (may count as match), landowner’s appraisal for tax reporting (may count as match), land acquisition (value may count as match), or general administrative or operating costs not related to the project.

Grant Awards and Matching Requirement:
Grant values will vary by project and will not exceed $25,000.  Organizations must provide matching funds with a minimum ratio of 4:1.  Land value may count toward matching requirement.  (See the Program Guidelines and FAQs for additional details.)

Collaboration is not required for the Transaction Grant Program, but preference will be given to collaborative proposals.

Application Procedure

We recommend that you review the Program Guidelines and FAQs and email Sarah Guidi, Program Officer, (sarahg@trianglecf.org) with these details before completing a full application:

  • Property address
  • Acreage of property
  • Amount requested ($)
  • Brief description of the property and the rationale for conservation, including significant natural/cultural resources

NOTE: Funding for the 2020-2021 fiscal year has been allocated and applications are no longer being accepted.

Please reach out to us if you have questions PRIOR to the deadline!