Our Impact: Environmental Conservation (Land Transaction)



Application Deadline


This cycle of the Transaction Grant Program will assist organizations in leveraging conservation projects by providing support to fund qualifying transaction costs associated with land and easement donations. The program no longer requires a match. Each property funded with these grants must be permanently protected through a Conservation Easement or Notice of Acceptance of Property for Conservation Purposes.

This cycle will be by invite only.

Transaction Grant Program

Since its inception, the Transaction Grant program has targeted supporting the donation of high-quality conservation projects.   The funds have contributed to the protection of a number of donated conservation properties throughout the Triangle.

In order to update the Transaction Grant Program, Triangle Community Foundation has streamlined the program with a new application and program reporting process. The renewed Transaction Grant Program has been developed to provide conservation organizations and other eligible nonprofit organizations with the resources necessary to support donated and purchased land acquisition transactions and related stewardship expenses in order to increase the pace of conservation in the Triangle.

The Foundation will consider funding requests for the following:

  • Survey, environmental assessment, and legal description expenses
  • Legal expenses including attorney fees, title insurance, closing costs, and recording costs
  • Legal defense fund for the project
  • Baseline documentation report (including grantee labor and expenses to create the report)
  • Stewardship endowment for the project
  • Conservation staff expense, including labor costs and travel expenses, directly related to the proposed project

The Foundation will not fund deficit or debt financing, ad valorem, or rollback taxes, or landowner’s appraisals. For a more complete list of what it will fund


A total of $50,000 will be available through this program. We anticipate making +/- 4 grants ranging from $7,500 – $20,000 through this grant cycle to organizations whose work is in alignment with the program’s goals.

The Transaction Grant is for a 12-month period. Applicants can apply each year for the grant program, so long as the funds requested are not for the same item, or expenses, but may be used toward the same project. The Foundation recognizes that conservation projects can take several years to complete.

Application Procedure and Materials

Triangle Community Foundation uses an online grant portal. If you have been invited to submit a proposal, please log in using the access code to complete the application. If you have any issues accessing the application or questions about completing it, please reach out to Sarah Guidi, Senior Program Officer, (sarahg@trianglecf.org).

In addition to the online application form, proposals must include the following attachments:

  • Conservation Impact Worksheet
  • Map Assessment as a PDF that includes the following: (1) 8.5”x11” Regional Map representing the property (or properties) location within the Triangle region
  • A PDF of up to 3 pages (8.5”x11”) of photographs that depict the property (or properties) attributes in support of the project(s)
  • Transaction Grant Budget template
  • Stewardship Calculation Worksheet (if needed)
Please reach out to us if you have questions PRIOR to the deadline!