Ravila Gupta

Job Title(s)
CEO, Bagchi Group

About Ravila

Ravila started her professional career as a chemical engineer in Canada where she worked in the pulp and paper industry. Warmer weather and career opportunities brought her to North Carolina. As a life-long learner, Ravila followed her passion to continue her education by attending evening law school while still working as an engineer. 

Ravila entered private legal practice and then made the move to a General Counsel position with a large manufacturing company, Umicore USA.  After a few years, she was promoted to President, where she was able to combine all her years of experience to lead the business.  

Seeking an opportunity to lead an organization that makes a meaningful impact, Ravila became President and CEO of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED). She worked to continue and strengthen the mission of CED of supporting entrepreneurial companies.  

Currently, Ravila is leading the Bagchi Group which provides business strategy, financial services, and board and executive coaching support.