Investing in the Triangle

We are building a brighter future for everyone in the Triangle.  Since 2013, the Foundation has invested more than $3 million through our Fund for the Triangle to more than 200 organizations in the following focus areas: Community Development, Youth Literacy, Cultural Arts, Capacity Building, and Environmental Conservation. You can view a list of our current grantee partners here.

Why we do this work

The Triangle is growing and changing, and not everyone is thriving. There is an urgency for a stronger commitment in our community to dig deeper and work with others to make a difference, and we can’t afford to ignore this urgency. Our community needs us, and as a local leader, we are here to answer the call. Our focus areas address critical local issues, and through collaboration with nonprofits addressing these issues, we are creating a stronger Triangle for all.

How we do this work

We work with dedicated donors and strong nonprofits, and we guide gifts in a strategic way to fill gaps, reduce inequities, and solve the region’s most pressing challenges through our research-driven focus areas. Through direct funding, learning, and educational gatherings, we are building a strong and innovative ecosystem of nonprofits that are addressing these challenges. By carrying out these strategies in our work, we are serving as a catalyst for change in our community.

Let’s work together: Fund for the Triangle

The Foundation is committed to making our region a community of thriving people and vibrant places. And because the resources, partnerships, and action needed to move the needle on these issue areas are far greater than we can do on our own, we rely on the help of our donors. Our Fund for the Triangle supports these focus areas by providing permanent funding to address these pressing needs now and for generations to come, creating a legacy we can be proud of. With your support, we can ensure that everyone in our community can thrive. Working together, we can do this.

Will you join us? 

Please join us with your ideas, energy, commitment, voices, and resources to make sure that everyone in the Triangle can thrive. Let’s build a stronger Triangle for all.

  • Give Now: Support our Fund for the Triangle or make a grant from an existing fund that you manage to one of our focus areas through DonorCentral
  • Give Later: Leave a legacy gift to our Fund for the Triangle to make your support span generations and ensure everyone can thrive for years to come. Making a legacy gift doesn’t have to be complicated – we can help.
  • Connect: Support the strong nonprofits in our region addressing these critical issues – our partners are listed here, but they are not inclusive of all the nonprofits doing great work in the region. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know!
  • Partner with Us: Are you a nonprofit looking to partner with the Foundation in this work? Are you committed to moving the needle in one of our focus areas? Reach out to us and find out how to apply for funding, attend an event, or learn more about the work of this important ecosystem. We’re here to help you succeed!
  • Learn More: Attend an educational offering, set up a meeting with one of our staff members, engage with us on social media. We have the resources, relationships, community knowledge, and legacy of impact to help you make a difference where it’s needed the most.


Jessica Aylor

Vice President of Community Engagement
Phone 919.474.8370 ext:4022
Email [email protected]