Current Art Exhibit On Display

Artist: Sass Art | Exhibit Title: Faces of Femme | Exhibit Description: In 2015, a handful of women, including myself, conceived Feminine Dominance, an art collective based in Carrboro, NC.  I am here to tell you now what we knew then– that “the feminine is despised, fetishized, undermined. The feminine is complex, creative and a source of power in many of us.” We threw art parties with intent. Intentionality directed towards community love, safety, expression and liberation. Although my work as a painter began a couple of years before the conception of Feminine Dominance, I began this work – these portraits – at that same time and with those same intentions. To explore femininity in gender, race, religion, identity and class. The exhibition explores the complexities of femme identity through up-close and colorful portraits of the femme power and perspective.| Exhibit Dates: February 2018 – July 2018

We invite you to join us for an Art Reception on Thursday, March 15, from 5 – 7 pm, for light fare, conversation with the artist, and a special installation/peek into how the works are created. This event is drop-in and open to the public, no need to RSVP.

Past Artists

The Foundation has had the pleasure of having the works of these fine local artists on display in our gallery in past exhibits. We encourage you to visit their websites, go see their art in person, and learn more about their artwork and journeys. Let them know we sent you!

  • Moriah LeFebvre – mixed media focused on the changes in downtown Durham
  • Veronique Moses – photographer, documentary work
  • William Thomas – painter focused on representations of diverse people in his social circle
  • Lisa Creed – painter focused on two distinct types of art: abstract and sky & sea
  • Frank Myers – photographer, has done extensive work with Jazz musicians
  • Bruce Mitchell – painter focused on realism, medium: oil painting

Why does the Foundation have an art gallery?

Because we believe that a strong commitment to the arts is an important part of our vision for the community.

As part of Our Focus on regional cultural arts, the Foundation’s office space also serves as a rotating art gallery, for two main reasons: to support and foster local artists, and to encourage our community to connect and engage in meaningful conversation inspired by art. The Triangle Community Artists Gallery, housed within our office space at the Frontier in partnership with the Durham Art Guild (DAG), hosts artwork from local artists for periods of six months at a time. All artists in the gallery are chosen by a jury panel of fundholders and donors with an interest in the arts. The art on display, unless marked, is available for purchase. We are proud of this partnership with DAG, our jury of community leaders and arts-minded fundholders, and the artists we have the great pleasure of showcasing each cycle.

The gallery is open during business hours (M-F, 8:30 am- 5 pm). We are located at 800 Park Offices Drive, Suite 201, Research Triangle Park. Please contact our Office Assistant Holly Moore at 919.328.4002 in advance if you’d like to stop by so that we are available to welcome you.  We hold an opening reception at the start of each new exhibit cycle, you can find out more information and rsvp to current events here.

Interested in learning how to turn your office into a curated art gallery? Click here to learn more about the DAG Art@Work program, and see how they can help you get started today!