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Should I meet with Foundation staff?

We are limited by staff capacity and unable to meet with every nonprofit in our service area. Please use our Nonprofit Information Sharing Form at the bottom of this page to share basic information with our staff. This enhances our staff’s internal knowledge of your organization and our community. From there, our staff will be in touch if a meeting is appropriate.

How can my organization receive a grant from Triangle Community Foundation?

Triangle Community Foundation makes the majority of grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, government entities, and faith-based groups through grant requests submitted by our donor advised funds. Our Community Programs are application-based grant making programs open to organizations working in the areas of youth literacy, community development, arts and culture, and the environment. Additional competitive funding opportunities are available through some of the charitable funds that we manage.

How can my organization increase its visibility to those with donor-advised funds at the Foundation?

Over 85% of our grants are made through donor-advised funds.  Organizations cannot apply for these funds. Instead, the Foundation recommends organizations to cultivate a relationship with our fund holders just as any other donor. Through relationship building, the organization is able to directly inform fund holders of projects and activities needing support.

What if my organization has not yet received its tax exempt status? What if we are a small group with no plans to apply for tax-exemption?

Because the Foundation can only grant to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, government entities, and faith based groups, you may request another tax-exempt organization to act as your fiscal sponsor. The Foundation will make the grant to the sponsor and the sponsor will be responsible for all reporting, agreements, and use of funds. Contact the N.C. Center for Nonprofits for more information on fiscal sponsorship.

Can the Foundation make grants for salaries? Capital campaigns? Conferences?

Grants from donor-advised funds can be used for general operating support, as well as buildings, salaries, staff development, or other projects as recommended by the fund holder.

What are the reporting requirements for grants received from the Foundation?

Competitive grant programs and Community Programs have reporting requirements specific to each program.

Can individuals apply for grants?

Scholarships, individual achievement awards, and grants are available to individuals. Each has a unique set of eligibility criteria, application process, and deadlines.


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