Your clients look to you for solid advice on charitable giving. You can look to us every step along the way.

Our expertise is philanthropy, and we serve as a partner to lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and other professionals so that your clients achieve their charitable goals through current giving and planned gifts.  We work closely with you to tailor a fund or deferred giving arrangement to meet both the charitable and tax objectives of your clients. Please take a moment to download our Professional Advisor Toolkit here

Why recommend Triangle Community Foundation?

Your client’s contributions are tax deductible in the year they are made. Because the Foundation is a public charity, contributions qualify for the maximum deductibility for income, gift and estate tax purposes.

In addition to cash, the Foundation is prepared to handle gifts of a variety of asset types, including Publicly-traded and closely-held securities, Retirement assets, distributions from IRAs, life insurance policies Vacation homes, the family farm, commercial or undeveloped real estate and more.

The Foundation offers an actively-managed, highly-diversified investment portfolio, with excellent asset managers, a sophisticated investment consultant, and oversight by the Foundation’s Investment Committee.

We are flexible and responsive to your clients’ unique needs. We make it easy for them to be highly strategic in using contributions for maximum community impact.

The Foundation offers your clients the convenience of supporting multiple charities through a single gift. And our staff handles all the paperwork, from the transfer of assets and Gift Fund maintenance to tax reporting and record keeping. Your clients receive confirmation of all transactions, including contributions to their Gift Funds and grants to charities.

Online using Donor Central, or by email, your client can make a grant at any time.  When your client’s grant request is in our office by Tuesday at noon, the grant check goes out to the charity by Friday close of business. They can also view their statement, fund balance, grant opportunities and forms/policies on Donor Central at any time.

We partner with hundreds of local nonprofits, and have knowledge about thousands in our region, in addition to local issues that we can discuss with our donors. We help make a difference by linking your clients to the causes they care about, and educating them about the programs we believe will make an impact. 

Whether your clients wish to be recognized for their generosity or remain anonymous, the Foundation will honor their requests.

The Right Solution for your Client

By establishing a fund today, your client can support favorite charities, add to their funds, recommend grants online at any time, and name their fund in their will.

Triangle Community Foundation is a publicly-supported nonprofit, and therefore offers your clients the maximum charitable tax deduction permitted by law. Gifts are deductible at the time they are made to the Foundation, and your client is then able to make grants at times and in amounts most advantageous to them and the charitable organizations they support. We accept cash, publicly traded stock, retirement plan assets, life insurance, closely held stock, and fractional or whole interests in real estate. 

By creating a planned gift through Triangle Community Foundation, your client can foster those things they love most in the community and preserve them for future generations and prioritize their goals for social impact while achieving the most favorable income tax benefits available.

We work with you, the planning professional or tax advisor, to determine the type of gift that is right for the client.  Charitable trusts, will bequests, beneficiary designations on retirement assets or life insurance proceeds can fulfill your client’s wishes for the future and can often be structured to allow your client to receive lifetime income.


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