Orange County welcomes the public and its residents to make charitable donations and gifts to support favored efforts and County-sponsored activities. These tax-deductible gifts would help Orange County to carry out many of its vital services as a supplement to the annual budget. There are many ways to give to Orange County and a variety of areas for dedicated donations. Please visit for specific giving opportunities that different departments have identified as part of their ongoing public service. Donors may also choose to make a general contribution to Orange County.

A nominal fee will be deducted to offset the costs of processing your credit card transaction. Your entire donation is tax-deductible, but you can donate with a check if you prefer to avoid the fee.

If you have a TCF fund, you can log into Donor Central to recommend a grant. We also accept gifts of real estate, retirement assets, stock and cash via check or wire transfer. If you have questions, simply call us at 919-474-8363. We are happy to help.