Community Efforts Underway to Raise Funds

There are many other fundraising efforts already underway in our community that are responding to immediate needs. You can view a list of these efforts we’ve been made aware of here.

We are currently posting collective fundraising efforts that will be both widely available to nonprofits and individuals in our community and have the capacity to accept Foundation gifts.

We also understand that many nonprofits have individual appeals that you may want to share with our Donor Advised Fundholders. As highlighted in our How to Get Funding video, when we can, our staff will work to connect donors to nonprofit needs. As always, you can remind your donors that they can give to your organization through a donor-advised fund. Additionally, you can review our fund list.

Immediate K-12 Digital Needs

We are listing the local public school calls for assistance regarding the upcoming return to school as we hear about them below.

Durham Public School Foundation's Accelerating Digital Equity Campaign - A community-wide effort to ensure every single Durham Public School student experiences high-quality digital and remote instruction during the fall return to school.

Families and Schools Together (FAST) Initiative - (WakeEd Partnership) Ensuring that all families in Wake County have support for remote learning during the work day, providing staffed small-group and socially distanced learning centers will provide physical activity and extended learning opportunities as well.



Other Community Needs