Community Impact Series: Census 2020

On November 14, 2019, more than 50 donors, nonprofits, and other community leaders joined us at our Community Impact Series to learn more about the upcoming census and what we can individually and collectively do to support census outreach and ensure an accurate count in the Triangle.

We are thankful to all our partners who attended but recognize that not everyone was able to be there. If you missed it, you can find information below about the event – including how you or your organization can take action.

A Snapshot: Highlights from the Event

  • We began the day with a welcome from our Programs and Engagement Associate, Ebony West, about the importance of bringing together nonprofits and fundholders to learn about the Census. She reminded us that, without an accurate count, many of our community members would not be able to attain the resources needed to thrive or survive.
  • Rebecca Tippett, Director of Carolina Demography, described the impact and importance of the 2020 Census, including the $8.8 trillion in federal funding that is in play over the next 10 years if we don’t achieve an accurate count. You can find Rebecca’s presentation here.
  • Stacey Carless, Esq., Executive Director of NC Counts Coalition, described the challenges her organization sees in achieving an accurate count and their Get-Out-The-Count strategy to engage and educate communities across the state about the census. She also invited Angeline Echeverría, Executive Director of El Pueblo, to discuss the work that El Pueblo is doing to engage the Latinx community in Wake County. You can find Stacey’s presentation here.
  • Our Foundation President, Lori O’Keefe, closed us out with a reminder of the importance of the Census and how philanthropy can be part of this work by supporting nonprofit organizations in conducting Get-Out-The-Count work. She also highlighted a few ways we can take individual and collective action, which can be found below.

What’s Next? What can YOU do?

Below are some ways you or your organization can take action regarding the Census. This list was made possible with help from the NC Network of Grantmakers, NC Counts Coalition, Carolina Demography, and the Funders Census Initiative.


  • Reach out to and meet with your regional or local Census Director
  • Share the “Census 101: What You Need to Know” graphic on your personal social channels
  • Follow @uscensusbureau on Twitter, and share their messages
  • Complete your census form and encourage others to do the same (Census Day is April 1, 2020)
  • Build the wave – get your organization’s commitment to the Census



  • Form or participate in a Complete Count Commission
  • Reach out to any hard-to-count individuals in your immediate network, like new neighbors, college students, families with children under 5 years old, or minority populations.


  • Dedicate time to understanding why the census is important, spreading the word, and volunteering
  • Fund your local nonprofits who are engaging in census work
  • Support the work of NC Counts Coalition, Carolina Demography, and El Pueblo directly from your Fund

If you have any questions, reach out to Ebony West, Programs and Engagement Associate, at [email protected]