College: Enjoy the Journey

On my high school graduation day, absolutely certain that I would be pre-med in college and become a doctor. Spoiler: Neither of those things happened. Starting October 28, it’s officially the College Foundation of North Carolina’s (CFNC) College Application Month,… Continued “College: Enjoy the Journey”

A “Both And” Approach

Students pictured above during clean-up efforts after Hurricane Katrina from the University of Richmond. Shulman volunteered with her fellow classmates from the New College of Florida. This hurricane season, we have witnessed unprecedented natural disasters and the humanitarian crises that… Continued “A “Both And” Approach”

The journey begins…

The journey begins… This week, our Board of Directors approved a new Strategic Roadmap that will guide our work for the next five years. We chose the term “Roadmap” on purpose: while it’s important that we have a clear path… Continued “The journey begins…”