Camp Changes Lives

More than anything, Matthew wanted a friend. The transition from elementary school to middle school can be tough on any kid, but for Matthew, a child with autism, finding friends and fitting in was even more difficult. “His mother would tell me that they felt like they’d lost him,” said … Continued

Third-grade reading proficiency: it matters

Daniel started third grade reading significantly below grade level, afraid of reading aloud and not able to make connections in the text. His teacher, Jean Skelton, a third-grade teacher in Durham Public Schools, worked with him for hours to help him over his apprehensions. “I had to step him up … Continued

Giving Young Parents a Brighter Future

Parenting a child while in high school makes college seem out of reach. But Beth Harrington got a boost when she needed it most — a scholarship that opened doors to higher education and a better life for her son, Nathan. The de Grange Scholarship paid for two years at … Continued