Art Reception: Faces of Femme

We invite you to join us for an Art Reception on Thursday, March 15, from 5 – 7 pm, for light fare, conversation with the artist, and a special installation/peek into how the works are created. This event is drop-in and open to the public, no need to RSVP.

Artist: Sass Art | Exhibit Title: Faces of Femme | Exhibit Description: In 2015, a handful of women, including myself, conceived Feminine Dominance, an art collective based in Carrboro, NC.  I am here to tell you now what we knew then– that “the feminine is despised, fetishized, undermined. The feminine is complex, creative and a source of power in many of us.” We threw art parties with intent. Intentionality directed towards community love, safety, expression and liberation. Although my work as a painter began a couple of years before the conception of Feminine Dominance, I began this work – these portraits – at that same time and with those same intentions. To explore femininity in gender, race, religion, identity and class. The exhibition explores the complexities of femme identity through up-close and colorful portraits of the femme power and perspective.| Exhibit Dates: February 2018 – July 2018

Can’t join us for the event? Call the Foundation to schedule a drop-in viewing of the work in the gallery at 919.474.8370.

Artwork pictured here is for sale, and entitled Rose Butch