Who selects scholarship/award winners?

Each scholarship/award has a committee of community members, approved by the Triangle Community Foundation staff and Board of Directors, to choose recipients using guidelines established at the time of creation of the scholarship or award.  All procedures and criteria for selection have been approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

How are scholarship winners announced?

Recipients of the various scholarships administered directly by Triangle Community Foundation receive a letter confirming their award. Scholarships sponsored by another organization may announce recipients using a confirmation letter or awards ceremony.

What is the payment process for scholarships and awards?

For scholarships under the Foundation’s direct auspices, payments are sent directly to the student’s college, university or vocational school. If the scholarship is renewable, in subsequent years eligibility for continuing awards will be determined when a satisfactory transcript of the previous grading period and verification of full-time enrollment has been submitted to Triangle Community Foundation.

When are scholarship applications due and where are they to be sent?

Each scholarship may have a different due date, please review the scholarship’s description carefully for the due date and address where applications are to be sent. Applications received after the application deadline may not be considered.