What We Are Doing

We focus direct funding, research, and convenings in these four areas: the arts, community development, the environment and youth literacy. These four focus area programs are made possible by our family of generous donors: those who have entrusted us with permanent funds that benefit the Triangle, and those who contribute to the Fund for the Triangle annually.

Why We Are Doing It

We envision a caring community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We strongly believe that these focus areas are truly interconnected, and that by working together to bring awareness and resources to the nonprofits doing critical work, we can change the face of the future for our region. 

How We Are Doing It

Our goal is to build a strong and innovative ecosystem of nonprofits that can address the big challenges facing our region. Through capacity building programs, investing in equitable outcomes, and serving as a platform for nonprofit needs, we are increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our local organizations. We believe that collaboration and innovation will help our community be successful.

Who We Partner With

  • Generous and caring donors & fundholders who understand the importance of legacy in our community
  • Nonprofits through grant partnerships in our key focus areas
  • Other funders and many volunteers dedicated to collaborating to ensure that our community thrives
  • Businesses and Investors who see the value in supporting the needs in the region they work in
  • Community leaders who may also serve as public officials, school administrators, or faith-based leaders and hold the future of our region as a priority


Jessica Aylor

Director of Community Investment
Phone 919.474.8370 ext:4022
Email jessica@trianglecf.org