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Giving Back & Looking Forward: An Interview with Pat Nathan

Why do you believe in the importance of giving back? I find my greatest fulfillment in working with others towards a common goal. To operate at my fullest capacity, I need to share a variety of assets including life experiences, skills, connections and financial resources. What are the causes that YOU care … Continued

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Marbles Kids Museum

Marbles Kids Museum: Success for the Next Generation

The following is an interview with Hardin Engelhardt (H), Education & Evaluation Specialist at Marbles Kids Museum, conducted by Meg Buckingham (M), senior marketing & communications officer for the Foundation.   M: Hardin, can you tell me a little more about Marbles Kids Museum, and why our readers should care … Continued

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Through the Lens: Education Bus Tour in East Durham

Donors and friends embarked on a bus tour of East Durham in March of 2016, some learning about Housing and some about Education. To read the story on the housing tour, click here. Below is one photo-journalist’s account of the education tour.  David Reese, president and chief executive of the … Continued